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In what is probablly the biggest game in Texas Tech football history, the Texas Tech Red Raiders (6) host the Texas Longhorns (1) this Saturday.  Just as epic is the quintessential college football show, ESPN College Football Gameday, who will make its first appearance in Lubbock, TX. 




If you're not familiar with the show, one of the analysts, Lee Corso, is known for his over dramatic pick of the Gameday winner. This usually involves him wearing the head of the mascot's costume as below, a tradition that began with an impromptu donning at an Ohio State game.


Lee Corso


So the questions remains, since Texas Tech doesn't have a traditional "mascot", what will Lee Corso sport in honor of the underdog Texas Tech Red Raiders? What do you think?


Guns Up

Update: ESPN Gameday will take place at the engineering key on the Texas Tech Campus. If you're going to the game, it's Black Out Texas, so wear a black shirt.

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After a month in Utah and two months away from home, we used the opportunity to take advantage of our road trip. The first stop was in Moab, UT where we opted for a cheap alternative. The Lazy Lizard hostel wasn't quite as nice as the Europe hostels I had stayed in. We got what we paid for and luckily were only there a few hours and weren't forced to use the shower.



As our previous hikes in Utah proved, we found it best to hit the trails early, taking advantage of the morning light and the lack of tourists.





Delicate Arch, Utah's unofficial mascot, lived up to its reputation and was even more impressive than expected.










Figuring that it might be a long time until we traveled that route again and seeing that it was only 20 minutes out of the way, we decided to stop at four corners.
Four Corners

We were slightly appalled to be unexpectedly charged $6 at the gate and this clip from The Simpson demonstrates the anti-climatic nature of the event.

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Before we depart Salt Lake City this week, Stephanie and I made a final trip into the mountains. It was quite a trek, but definitely worth it in the end. We went to Desolation Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Here's a few pics from our adventure.













 Desolation Lake



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Due to the lack of authenticity of "mountain" biking in Lubbock, it was my goal to get in some actual mountain biking with actual elevation changes while staying in Salt Lake City.  One of my co-workers was gracious enough to guide me and patient enough to take pictures of me in his ample amounts of spare time waiting for me to catch up.  I was so slow and oxygen deprived that many of the "action shots" of me are a small dot on the opposite peak. Most of the pics were taken on the Bonneville Shoreline trail north of SLC.












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Steph and I tried to be adventurous this past weekend and get some hiking in at Big Cottonwood Canyon to Dog Lake. Unfortunately the snowfall, lack of light and miscalculation of time allotted were not in our favor.  We shall try again this weekend.  We did manage to get a few pics before turning back:



Dog Lake1

Dog Lake2


Dog Lake3




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