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So much has been going on lately, that we’re very behind on our blogging. Here’s goes catching you up. Stephanie and I had our Match Day on March 19 and both matched to the University of Tennessee in Memphis. We are extremely excited about living here as well as for our careers. As a future Pediatrician interested in Hematology/Oncology there’s no better place than St. Jude’s, and as a surgeon I’ll be very well trained at the third highest volume trauma center in the nation. Here are a few pics from Match Day. Congratulations to all our fellow classmates and their future careers!

Match Day
Match Day
Match Day

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Well, we Glovers haven’t blogged in a while. However, we have had many people ask us about Match week and we thought we’d give you an idea of how it works. Throughout the week we will update you as we know more information. Match week is as follows:


Monday Morning (3/16/09): This is the day we find out IF we matched. Sometime before 11 A.M. we should get an email that tells us the answer to that question. This is probably what we are most nervous about because if we do not match then we enter what is called “the scramble”. On Tuesday we will race against the clock and other scramblers to match to places that have unfilled spots. As a couple it would be very difficult to find openings in the same town in our respective fields. We are both very nervous about the Monday morning email. If you know us at all, Stephanie is the type that wants to have a Plan A and Plan B in case this happens to us. Of course, if you know Mark, then you know he doesn’t want to even discuss it until it happens. We truly compliment one another and that has made this process easier for us.


Thursday Morning (3/19/09): This is actual match day. At 10:45 in the morning our Lubbock class will meet together and eye our hermetically sealed envelopes sitting in the middle of the room. At the Stroke of 11:00 A.M. a bell will dong and we will all rip them open at the same time and find out where we will be for residency. Across America medical students open their envelopes at the same time. So match day starts at 12:00 eastern and adjusts accordingly for each time zone. I know there will be so much emotion in that room in just about a 30 second span. We cannot wait to see where not only we end up but all the wonderful friends we have met in medical school. Everyone has worked hard and we hope the best!


Thursday evening: We will have a “Match Day” Dinner and celebrate the end of a crazy week.


Finally, a question we often get is “will you guys be together in the same town”. Fortunately, there is a couple’s match to ensure that we won’t be apart. Finally, in case you have been under a rock, Mark is going to be a general surgeon and Stephanie is going into Pediatrics.

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On Friday March 13th Mark turned 26. We aren’t huge birthday people but we usually have our favorite cake and a nice dinner. Mark luckily had the day off and we just vegged out. He had his usual Italian Cream Cake that he orders up every year. That night we went to Abuelo’s for dinner. Here’s a photo from our date:

Mark's Birthday




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