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A couple of months back Stephanie and I were at the park by the river when we noticed a helicopter flying exceptionally low. I pretty sure they were filming for a new TV show on TLC called the Police Women of Memphis. People often ask me what my job is like, especially at The MED. This show is fair comparison to what a typical day at The MED is like.



 Last month the Mississippi River and large parts of Tennessee were hit with flooding. Here's a pic from pretty much the same spot as the above picture.




As you can tell this is a disproportionate amount of blogs this weekend, so don't expect anything new for another six months.

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Stephanie and I officially have one month as doctors under our belt. It's been both difficult and rewarding, and definitely a little humbling at times. At the end of the day, it's also nice to know you're getting paid to do this instead of paying to do it, as was the case the past four years.

Both of our schedules work on one month intervals. I began with Surgical Oncology and Stephanie began on Sub-specialty inpatient service. Several people have asked us what hospital we work at, so I though I would clarify. Stephanie works primarily at LeBonheur Children's hospital, which is undergoing a vast addition to be completed January 2010. She also does her oncology rotations at St. Jude's hospital. I work at six different hospitals during my residency, five of them this year. Last month I was at Methodist University hospital which you might have seen in the headlines recently. This month I am at Regional Medical Center, known locally simply as The Med. Other hospitals I will be working at include the VA, LeBonheur, Baptist and St. Francis.


I have a little more free time this month, so look for a new post in coming weeks with pictures of the new house with changes.






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